Attract people to you via the Internet for a Successful Home Based Business!

Are you someone who wants help with building an organization where people come to... 

Attract The Right People

In your MLM business, you don’t have to work with anyone and everyone.  BE CHOOSY. ... 

Networking: Gain confidence talking to people you don’t know to market your business

Three steps to start a conversation with people on the street when you’re out and... 

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Personal Development


What is belief? Here’s one definition of belief: Something believed or accepted... 

Overcoming Phone Fear

Picture this – a professional business women who is outgoing and fun and likes... 

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Strategic Plan

Creating a Professional Business Image

My professional image (business name) is “Peace of My Heart” Here’s how I came up with my business name.  I came from the corporate environment, received my MBA and was climbing up the corporate ladder and realized that isn’t the kind of life I wanted.  The stress, rat race and politics of the corporate life are not for me.  I love to have... [Read more of this review]

Attraction Marketing, what does that mean?

For me it means marketing in such a way that people who are looking for what you have can find you easily.  You use language in your marketing pieces so that it calls out to people.  They hear themselves in it. There are different ways to market by means of attraction. You can do it in the way you speak to people about what you do. You can do it in... [Read more of this review]

Do I have to talk to my friends, family and neighbors to build my business?

In my experience working with new people, I get this question a lot.  It seems to be one of their biggest fears. What if you could build a very successful business and not ever have to talk to friends, family and neighbors? I’m not saying you can’t talk to them.  You could, but it may be best to wait until you have a little more experience talking... [Read more of this review]

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